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read all about it here/

read all about it here/

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Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!

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10 things i LOVE about Running

For #runchat 

1. Community - runners are awesome, in person & online

2. Bling - shiny sparkly medals.

3. Gear - sneakers, gadgets, apps, headbands, belts, etc. 

4. Shirts - some are awesome, some not so much. 

5. Food - post race, pre race, cookies, chocolate, shakes, smoothies. 

6. Race - nothing like the feeling you get after you cross the finish line

7. Blogs - running blogs are funny, sweet, awesome and exciting. 

8. Workout - who wants to be in a smelly hot sticky gym when you can workout outside? 

9. Shock - when to tell non runners how far/long you ran, the looks on their faces are priceless.

10. Legs - running makes my legs look nice. 

Do you love running? why?

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i <3 brooks. run happy!

i <3 brooks. run happy!

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should you be running?

should you be running?

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Race Schedule

i’ve committed to 3 races in the next few months.

3/18 - Half Marathon

4/1 - 15k 

5/6 - Half Marathon

also thinking about 

4/7 - 10k

6/3 - 4M

6/23 - 5M

im addicted to running, race t-shirts and medals. as a side note only the 2 Half Marathons have medals. All the races have shirts and the 6/23 race will have an awesome tech t-shirt, guess i’m doing that one too.

anyone else addicted to running?

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